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Where does my donation go?

100% of your donation goes towards helping children. The Fatima Foundation sends money we receive directly to a family member in the Philippines, usually my sister (Lovely Del Carmen), and then my sister will purchases the food, clothing, medical etc. My husband and I decide where the money will be spent.


Most of the money we receive goes towards food. We don't require receipts for food or toys purchased, because that is obvious in the pictures what the money was used for.


However, if a child is in need of emergency medical assistance, we do require proof. Example: A mothers comes to us because her child is very sick. We take all the information, name, symptoms, age etc. after we gather all the information, we make a decision if we can help that child or not. If we decide to help, we give the mother the okay to have her child treated. Since a sick child is an emergency, this process is very quick, usually within an hour after we receive their request, we can give a decision.


We require copies of all the medical bills and receipts. They must have the child's name, date,and all other pertinent info on the forms.


We are very familiar with the amounts the doctors and hospitals charge in the Philippines. Once the child is better, we gather all the receipts and pay the bills. If anything looks out of the ordinary, we won't pay. 


Medical bills can get expensive, but are a lot lower in the Philippines. A typical visit to a clinic is usually under $100, not including any prescriptions. A typical visit to an emergency room is usually under $500. not including any prescriptions. We are aware that the hospitals try to keep the patients in the hospital to make more money. We monitor this very closely. 

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