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12/01/2021, Mark & Fatima Simon has made a donation to The Fatima Foundation to help make this little boy well.


Please consider a donation so we can continue helping sick children like Zyler.

This little boy has been sick for about a week now. His mother could not afford to take him to the hospital. He lost a lot of weight, can't eat, fever & throwing up, and now has a lump on his stomach. 

It's still early, but Zyler is not showing progress yet. We will update his progress here as we receive it.

Update: Zyler has been to the doctors and has medicine. He still is not eating, but he has been drinking fluids, like orange juice. His diagnosis is the stomach flu, fever, dehydration, and asthma.


Update: Zyler has finally had a good night sleep. His fever has broken. He is eating and drinking a little. He seems to be getting back to normal. We wish you well little heart!    


Upadte: Zyler is getting back to normal, about 95%. He is eating and drinking and sleeping good. Zyler will make a full recovery. God bless you my little buddy :)

Thank you for viewing. 

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